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Spot Removal

Be Careful!!

A lot of people think the best way to treat spots on their carpets is to sprinkle baking soda on them thinking it will eliminate the spot and any of it’s odors. What you may not know is if the baking soda is not removed before it dries, it will bind to the carpet, backing, and padding thus making it very difficult and most times impossible for a professional like us to remove. Don’t do it!

The best solution to combat a spot before it becomes a permanent stain is to put an old towel on top of it and blot ( (Do Not Scrub) up as much as possible.. Keep moving to clean areas of the towel over the spot for maximum absorbency.  Once the towel is no longer showing discoloration or wetness put a fresh towel over the area with something heavy like a brick or a rock to force the spot into it then give us a call!

Most spots can be removed within the first 24 hrs. but any longer will most likely be permanent. Don’t be fooled by stain guard protection as it has a limited warranty and they will only replace the portion of the carpet that becomes stained (not the whole room) !

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