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Carbonated Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Let’s take a look at how carbonated systems compare to steam, or wet, carpet cleaning systems in 5 important areas:

1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Carbonated Cleaning— Allergens and pollutants are vacuumed up and out of your carpet prior to the washing process.
  • Steam Cleaning—extraction systems can drive allergens and pollutants deeper into the fibers of your carpet and remain in your home or office.

2. Reducing Risk of Mold Growth

  • Carbonated Cleaning—uses very little moisture so the conditions that promote mold growth are not present.
  • Steam Cleaning—wet systems leave behind carpets that take several hours to several days to dry. Add humid weather conditions and you have the best environment for mold growth.

3. Cleaner Carpets & Reduced Frequency of Cleaning

  • Carbonated Cleaning—there’s no detergent so there’s no sticky residue to attract new soil and other debris. Carpets stay cleaner longer reducing the frequency of cleanings. Saves money over time and reduces soil wear of your carpet.
  • Steam Cleaning—uses detergents that leave behind a sticky residue on the carpet fibers, actually attracting new soil. Since the detergent actually attracts soil your carpets get dirtier faster and have to be cleaned more often. More frequent cleaning means more money you have to spend.

4. No Damage

  • Carbonated Cleaning—natural cleaning compounds don’t fade colors and are environmentally safe. That means they do no harm to your family, pets or carpets either.
  • Steam Cleaning—harsh chemicals, high pressure and poor extraction of water can cause fading, wrinkles shrinkage, browning, bacteria growth and rot the padding beneath the carpet.

5. Instant Gratification

  • Carbonated Cleaning—use your home or office as soon as your carpet is cleaned. No waiting for a carpet to dry.
  • Steam Cleaning—takes up to three days before you can use your carpet, unless you pay additional charges per room, for a minimum of 4 hours dry time.

Accent Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners uses virtually dry cleaning in your home or office to protect family, employees, pets and property. Contact Us to see how we can improve the indoor air quality in your home of business.

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