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Microsuede VS Microfiber

Microsuede  furniture is very popular these days due to the ease of cleaning. When professionally cleaned, in most cases your furniture looks like NEW again. The fibers are very tightly knit thus not allowing dirt, spills or other particles to become a permanent part of the fabric. It has great water repellant qualities as well as other spills and is a great alternative to animal friendly people, however the problem is that after time and use it losses its shape and water repellency. This is not a very pet proof or child proof fabric if used as an everyday piece as it will wear out very easily under these conditions. Once wear starts it is impossible to remove stains or maintain it’s original shape.

Microfiber furniture also does very well for ease of cleaning but seems to hold up much better and hold it’s shape over a longer period of time versus microsuede. It is made up of a synthetic fiber similar to silk and can be cleaned easily without using any chemicals. Great for kids, pets and everyone else.

The difference?:  visually almost impossible to tell so it is extremely important to ask when buying furniture if it is microsuede or microfiber. The label sewn to the base of the unit under the cushions will also tell you the materials it is made up of but it will not say micro anything! I suggest you look up the materials used for each type and become educated on both. I can see the difference but this can be a consumers nightmare!

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