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How to know when spring has officially sprung!

We are getting close but our pets don’t know the difference!

If your pet decides it is spring they will mark their territory by spraying or outright urinating on your carpets flooring or bedding.

How can you get rid of the odor or scent?

The first step is to identify where and it is not always easy since pet spots don’t always present themselves with color. The easiest way is to invest in a cheap black light. It is preferable to by one that is battery operated. Turn off the lights and wave it near the suspected areas and it will glow very bright and aluminate the suspected areas.

Once you have identified the areas you now need to treat it with an antimicrobial to remove the odor and prevent your pet from remarking it and compounding the problem.

I suggest using a product that I find very effective prior to having your carpets (etc.) cleaned to completely remove all residue and bring them back to it’s original condition. I usually don’t endorse any product but in this case “Nature’s Miracle” is as it suggests! It is a great in between product that will temporarily neutralize the odors till you can have it professionally cleaned. This product can be purchased at most reputable pet store suppliers.

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