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All that glitters is (not) gold

The holidays are over and it’s time to take down the tree, decorations and put away the cards. Often times what we are left with are the remnants of those glass bulbs custom made by a relative with your name glued onto it in glitter, pine needles and those silly cards with plastic metallic shapes that explode all over you when you open it up. None of these stay where they are …Read More

Meth Decontamination

What a sad state of affairs when we as carpet and upholstery cleaners must get certification to decontaminate homes laden with methamphetamine residue caused by home cooking meth labs. Certification is very expensive not to mention the cost of chemical supplies and Hazmat protection gear. All of these must be disposed of after each cleanup according to O.S.H.A. standards and Federal regulations. I don’t know about you but I say …Read More

How to know when spring has officially sprung!

We are getting close but our pets don’t know the difference! If your pet decides it is spring they will mark their territory by spraying or outright urinating on your carpets flooring or bedding. How can you get rid of the odor or scent? The first step is to identify where and it is not always easy since pet spots don’t always present themselves with color. The easiest way is …Read More

Welcome to Winter

Having issues with dirty carpets due to pets, children or company? Give us a call and we can take care of it right away! Pet Stains? not a problem! Pet odors? not a problem! Children leaving a mess? not a problem! Company spilling wine, beer or (oops they had too much to drink)? Need I say anymore? not a problem! Call us right away before those spots become a permanent …Read More

Asthma and allergy friendly Certification

I recently saw a competitors ad on television stating that they where the first asthma and allergy friendly certified carpet cleaning company. I don’t know for sure but I’m willing to bet they are the only ones! I recently looked into this and this is what I found…In order for me to even speak to someone about certification I had to sign a 3 page non disclosure agreement. The “Purpose” …Read More

Spot Removal

Be Careful!! A lot of people think the best way to treat spots on their carpets is to sprinkle baking soda on them thinking it will eliminate the spot and any of it’s odors. What you may not know is if the baking soda is not removed before it dries, it will bind to the carpet, backing, and padding thus making it very difficult and most times impossible for a …Read More

Wool oriental VS Faux oriental rugs

The difference between the two can be very subtle from a visual aspect but very important when choosing a carpet cleaner. Most true oriental rugs have very unstable dyes comprised of roots, berries and crushed up bugs. Believe it or not these same ingredients can be found in a lot of cosmetics including eye liners and blush. The rug and fringe are made up of wool and are hand made! When cleaned it …Read More

Microsuede VS Microfiber

Microsuede  furniture is very popular these days due to the ease of cleaning. When professionally cleaned, in most cases your furniture looks like NEW again. The fibers are very tightly knit thus not allowing dirt, spills or other particles to become a permanent part of the fabric. It has great water repellant qualities as well as other spills and is a great alternative to animal friendly people, however the problem …Read More

ABC News Report!

You may have heard on the news two days ago that a popular Italian restaurant chain has stated that they will no longer “Shampoo” their carpets twice a month and will now only do them once a month. According to the ABC news report, their reasoning is that cleaning them more than once a month wears the carpets out much faster!                                                                                                                                                                                                     First off the wording is improper. “Shampoo” is …Read More