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Asthma and allergy friendly Certification

I recently saw a competitors ad on television stating that they where the first asthma and allergy friendly certified carpet cleaning company. I don’t know for sure but I’m willing to bet they are the only ones!

I recently looked into this and this is what I found…In order for me to even speak to someone about certification I had to sign a 3 page non disclosure agreement. The “Purpose” of this agreement: The parties listed above are engaged in discussions with respect to a possible business arrangement between them concerning the Company’s testing claims concerning:

Hmmm….Why would you want to keep it a secret? I don’t know but I know I won’t be signing it, nor will I Fly to Maryland or Dublin Ireland to become certified! Besides, this carpet cleaning company boasts a 94% reduction in airborne allergens and my vacuuming filtration system removes 99.99%. Guess I’ll save my money for a rainy day…oh wait that reduces the allergens too!