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ABC News Report!

You may have heard on the news two days ago that a popular Italian restaurant chain has stated that they will no longer “Shampoo” their carpets twice a month and will now only do them once a month.

According to the ABC news report, their reasoning is that cleaning them more than once a month wears the carpets out much faster!                                                                                                                                                                                                     First off the wording is improper. “Shampoo” is not the proper terminology since they “Steam Clean” the carpets (not sure if this was the wording of the news reporter or the restaurant chain). That being said,  “Steam Cleaning” whether done every other week or once a month will give the same results as far as wear to the carpet is concerned (see our web page under “Our Process”  tab/ Steam cleaning VS. Carbonated cleaning). The steam does not harm the carpet fibers but can break down the backing resulting in premature wear. Normal traffic from the kitchen to the tables can cause more damage than any cleaning can.

 There is a process that does not harm the fibers or break down the backing!                                                                               We have been cleaning a popular Seafood restaurant chain for years now and they have just recently increased the frequency of cleaning. These are the same carpets we have been cleaning for years and have not needed to be replaced yet. The normal life expectancy of the carpets (according to the manufacturer) has been exceeded and I don’t see them needing to be replaced anytime soon.

Maybe I need to call the district manager!



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